Once an Idea. Now a Project. Soon a Reality.

Non-Fiction Book

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Worn Out Wrestling Maps is a book that I wrote regarding the many experiences and lives that I encountered within the church and the social services system. The book focuses on the Biblical story of Jacob and parallels my own personal spiritual journey for peace and contentment, while navigating through the ugly side of Christianity. The book is entirely written and is now in the editing stages. If you would like to read a copy or better yet, would like to assist in the publication of this book then please contact me. Help me make this idea happen.

Revive West Buechel

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West Buechel is a city in Jefferson County. It was also a place I called home for several years. The city is small in size but the potential for it becoming a great city is exponetial. Many thriving businesses call West Buechel Home. The new police department has helped in the decrease of crime. Yet, West Buechel is still filled with poverty and despair. One does not have to roam very far to see the darkness on the faces of the residents. Many buildings are run-down and homes are deteriorating. Yet, where there is a poverty there is also great beauty. West Buechel is in need of revitalization. Revive West Buechel is a blog dedicated to highlighting the faces, buildings, and beauty of West Buechel in hopes of starting a movement of revitalization. The blog is almost complete and should be live in Early May 2014.

Internet Forward

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Forward Your Business

Internet Forward is an online educational portal dedicated to providing new online businesses with the resources and materials needed to move their business forward online. Although a website is a key component in a successful online venture, many do not know how to use their website as a tool to generate sales and increase income. For this reason, Internet Forward is the premier source for your new online business, offering video classes, specific tutorials, and revealing not so known online internet resources. Each class is taught by me and ranges from such topics as; Using WordPress to Make Money, Digital Marketing, and Getting Great SEO Results. Internet Forward charges a small monthly fee for premier access. However, if you are just starting out, have Clockwerk Designs develop your website and gain premier access free for one year. Internet Forward is currently in the development stage and scheduled for release in early July, 2014.