I love data and you should too. Below are several case studies that analyze the before and after.

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Every project must begin with an objective. Without an objective it is very hard to measure success. Before I start any project I will ask you to list your general and specific goals. A goal might be as general as bringing awareness to their company. A specific goal might be to create an avenue for their company to accept donations online with an average weekly donation of a 1,000 dollars. I really like specific goals because these will be the determining factor of whether I have been successful or not. After the goals have been listed, I will determine if and how I can help you achieve your objective. I will develop a strategic game plan that will consist of several ideas. I will initiate the project and make the ideas happen. When the project is complete we will analyze the results to see if the previous goals have been achieved. I consider myself successful when all goals have been achieved.

Sunrise Children’s Services

General Goal: Develop online awareness

Specific Goal: Boost traffic and increase page ranking

Date: April 22, 2013

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The Objective:

After developing a website for a campaign initiative for Sunrise I was asked to join as the full-time internet strategist. I jumped at the opportunity because I absolutely loved their mission. My main objective was to increase their awareness through the digital medium, which would in turn increase online foster care inquiries. My specific objective was to move their website from the third page of search engine results to the first page using the searchable key words, “Foster Care Agencies in Kentucky”. Their other specific goal was to see an increase in weekly traffic. When I took on this role, they were averaging around 260 unique visits a day, and roughly 1100 unique visitors a week.


The Ideas:

  • Optimize website – I added the much needed back code, meta descriptions, site titles, and search files to their website. Their meta was at a minimum level. I added content to their website that reflected their desired key words.
  • Content Strategy – I tweaked their blog and pushed for the whole team to develop a consistent blog schedule. We posted a blog every single day for three months using specific key-words, we still do! Once a week I searched for comparable blog posts, in which I would comment on, and post a link to similar posts.
  • Social Media: I updated their facebook and twitter accounts every day by posting their blog posts to their social media outlets, which I assumed would drive quite a bit of traffic to their website.
  • E-Newsletter – I created a newsletter sign-up on their homepage, blog pages, and social media outlets so that users could quickly sign up with their email address for more similar fresh content.
  • Marketing – I sent a bi-monthly e-newsletter to those addresses collected referring them back to our website for fresh content.


The Results:

  • A seamless and consistent branding and content flow across all digital outlets.
  • An energetic camaraderie with an increase in learning among all staff members who helped develop key content.
  • An increase in foster care inquires with 75% of inquiries referred from a web search.
  • A significant increase in visitors. Within three months the weekly unique visitors went from 1,100 to 10,000. Please refer to the graph below.
  • First page search engine ranking with the desired key words.


Sunrise Visitor Results

LincolnKelly Furnishings

General Goal: Increase Awareness through Digital Marketing

Specific Goal: Receive Trade Professional Sign-ups on their website

Date: August 15th, 2013

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The Objective:

The majority of the front end development for the LincolnKelly website was finished, but the previous developer had forgotten to add the necessary back-end development that would optimize the LincolnKelly brand for peak performance. Therefore, my objective was to market the brand online, develop an audience, and optimize the website so that leads would be generated.


The Ideas:

  • Tweak the website for SEO and submit it to all popular search engines.
  • Tweak and edit the Trade Professional Sign-up form on the website.
  • Develop and Design a LincolnKelly Blog while keeping the theme consistent with their current branding.
  • Create Newsletter Sign-up forms on their website
  • Develop an e-mail marketing campaign and push customized emails through the email marketing manager, Constant Contact.
  • Seek out Blog’s for guest blogging and get published on comparable blogs.
  • Develop banner ads for comparable website posting and redirect users to created landing pages which gather user information.


The Results:

The complete results may be premature, but LincolnKelly has gained a significant presence online where there previously had been none. The e-newsletter campaign proved to be effective. The e-newsletter’s call to action was to draw people to the website. The designs may be viewed in my portfolio. The last newsletter was sent to targeted designers encouraging them to sign-up as Trade-Professionals on the website. The results may be viewed below. The open rate was fantastic, and the click rate was equally successful. Several users signed up as trade professionals, and the client used this information to generate sales. An equally important social media strategy was born, and a growing audience began following LincolnKelly on facebook and twitter. Lastly, several key blogs published articles on LincolnKelly, bringing much awareness and exposure to the brand. The results show that the objective had been met and both the general and specific goals were achieved.
Open Rate

All Make Solutions

General Goal: Develop a company website

Goal: Develop a website that requests quotes and generates leads

September 15th, 2013

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The Objective:

All Make Solutions, LLC was losing sales to their competitors because they did not exist online. All Make Solutions was ready to make the leap so they asked if I would create a multi-faceted website that would generate leads, request quotes, and rank high in organic search results. Because of the complexity of this website and the thousands of pages required, I teamed up with two other developers to complete this project in a timely fashion.


The Ideas:
  • Develop a website that would hold pages for thousands of model numbers. We decided that joomla would be the best content management solution for this type of website.
  • Design the website using the latest design standards.
  • Make the website responsive so that it would display beautifully on all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Create online forms for each model number for an easy quote request.
  • Manage and implement CRM (Customer Relations) software.
  • Create a social media presence.
  • Optimize the website for search optimization.
  • Create various sub-websites to use as desired landing pages.


The Results:

All Make Solutions LLC’s new website gave them a strong online presence. The website generated many requests for parts, which increased the company’s leads. Many of these referrals were from organic search results. Recently, I received an email from All Make Solutions, that highlights the achievement of both the general and specific goal. They are now a competing force in their niche.

All Make Solutions Results

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