My First Video and the Power of Persistence

Written by Jake Pelfrey On March 8, 2014 - (No Comments)

About six month ago I asked my employer to begin leveraging the power of Video in their marketing efforts. I also wanted to highlight the stories of several of the kids that I had met in my past Social Services career. Their stories had always haunted me and I really wanted a way to express to people what we at Sunrise Read More »

Build a Website in Facebook

Written by Jake Pelfrey On November 14, 2013 - (No Comments)

Social media is an important tool for small businesses. In my experience, social networking is the easiest way to grow awareness and build a brand for just a small cost of time and creativity.  Last month, I was asked by my employer to work with an outside agency to create a facebook landing page in Read More »

SEO: We all want to rank #1

Written by Jake Pelfrey On November 12, 2013 - (No Comments)

Search engine optimization has become a multi-million dollar industry. Many companies exist solely to help you rank #1. Some are great at doing this, while others lack the entire scope of what it takes to accomplish this very specific goal. Many companies resort to paying hundreds of dollars on ad-words just so that their company Read More »