I started Clockwerk Designs, LLC because I wanted to be part of a Louisville company that was completely dedicated to creating beautiful and functional designs while offering complete branding solutions.

Louisville Kentucky has many design based companies, but there are only a few that offer complete branding solutions. Clockwerk Designs is a different type of agency because we have the talent to brand your company. This includes a wide array of services, from mobile app development to digital marketing. Whatever we do and trust me, we do a lot, we guarantee that it will be beautiful and completely functional.

True Story: We designed a logo for a client. I placed the logo on two coffee mugs. We both sat down and drank from the coffee mugs and developed a complete online strategy for their business.

This client went from selling products from his physical store to selling products online. He shipped his first item out of country and now invests most of his capital into online efforts, because this is where his real profit lies. This client’s success started with us designing a logo. We placed the logo on business cards, stationary, and letter heads. We then developed an e-commerce website where he could sell his products online.

Now that the client had an online presence it was time to market his business. We created and managed social media sites, while implementing his brand that we created. We created a mobile app that aligned with his website. His website started to receive newsletter sign-ups, so we started to make e-mail lists, and developed e-mail newsletters that marketed his products. His website was getting quite a few hits, but we needed to concentrate on organic search results. We developed a blog and designed a content strategy that provided fresh content to his website. We managed back-links and tuned his website for the best SEO results. His website achieved first page rankings with his desired keywords and now drives organic traffic. This is just one client’s account, but we have many more stories just like this one.

This is what we call beautiful and functional branding precision, just like clock work. Are you interested?